Cotton candy cupcakes from Cakespy!

It's like a tongue twister!

How cute are these?

Carnie Cotton Candy Cupcakes

And you can get the recipe at Cakespy!

She writes:

Cotton candy is one of those foods that is loaded with nostalgia: the billowy clouds of spun sugar conjure visions of idyllic childhood summers, county fairs and carnivals. Now, we don't want to confuse the experience with the product, (after all, there are more realistic pitfalls to cotton candy, like its saccharine sweetness and the sticky, pastel-colored hands it leaves you with) there's no denying that cotton candy is just a happy sort of food.

So when a recipe wasn't immediately available, we decided to improvise; here's what we came up with--a buttery vanilla cupcake topped with cotton candy-infused pink buttercream frosting, topped with even more cotton candy. Not as if they need to be any sweeter, but the Bella Cupcake Couture wrappers and Carnie Cuppie toppers sure did make them cute.


somesaycocoa said…
Oh those cupcakes bring me back to days at the circus. It was the only place to get candy floss! Thanks for sharing these photos ... and all the other ones. This is a magical blog!
Cakespy said…
Glad you enjoyed! These were so much fun to make--very sweet, but they make you happy just LOOKING at them!