Cupcake competition in Florida

Doug Gruse at The Post-Star reports on a recent cupcake competition - click through for the video and recipes for lemon cupcakes, raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream frosting. Sounds delicious and perfect for summer.

This month's "CompEAT" cooking competition, which focused on cupcakes, brought back my childhood battle between chocolate and lemon.

Rachel St. Martin, owner and founder of Spa City Cupcakes in Saratoga Springs, brought her signature chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes to the challenge. The decadent, super-chocolatey treats are filled and topped with rich peanut butter frosting.

Reporter Alyson Martin and I decided the popular chocolate cupcakes would be hard to beat, so we went in the opposite direction.

After much debate, we developed a recipe for lemonberry cupcakes. The dessert featured a lemon cake with raspberry filling, topped with raspberry buttercream frosting.

We had a practice baking session several days before the challenge to refine our ideas. Although we were happy with the results, we made a few alterations for the big day.

Meeting head-to-head for a cook-off at Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales in Gansevoort,
The Post-Star team frantically baked against St. Martin, the cupcake queen of Saratoga Springs. At the end of the session, both teams delivered fine cupcake specimens.

As the audience, made up of
Post-Star readers, sampled each flavor, I wasn't sure which one they would pick.

I noticed most of them went for the chocolate cupcake first.

Did lemon finally have its day in the sun? You'll have to watch the online video to find out.