Cupcakes at the ball game

baseball cupcakes
cupcakes by Simply Sweets via Flickr

Sign on San Diego reports that you can now get red velvet cupcakes while you watch baseball at Petco Park:

More demanding diners know they don't have to eat at the ballpark. An upscale smorgasbord awaits in the Gaslamp Quarter and East Village, right outside Petco Park's turnstiles. So the Padres hope to entice fans with seafood tostadas, coconut shrimp with cucumber-mango slaw, an antipasto plate and those softball-size cupcakes topped by generous swirls of buttercream or cream-cheese frosting.

“We're definitely trying to keep up with all the current trends and basically be cutting-edge,” Borgia said. “We're competing with any restaurant anywhere.

“The days of pre-wrapped hot dogs are pretty much over. We're trying to make it fresher and have more interaction with the guests.”

Innovation, though, comes at a price. The new pork chimichanga, for example, will set you back $14, while a single cupcake goes for $6.50.

The cupcakes – which come in several flavors, including red velvet, lemon and s'mores – were Borgia's idea. He was inspired by the growing number of bakeries devoted exclusively to the diminutive cakes.

Batter Up!
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baseball cupcakes
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Baseball Cupcakes
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Baseball Explosion
chocolate peppermint/cinnamon raisin cupcakes by Flickr user trustm3e