Ice cream IN a cupcake - only from Cakespy

I think only our beloved Cakespy could come up with something as wild and wonderful as this! Ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce in a cupcake?? OMG. Get me to Seattle ASAP. Well, actually, she has the recipe on her site, but I think I would just swoon over this concoction and not be able to actually bake it myself.

photo via Flickr

Cakespy writes:

The ice cream cupcakes were pretty good as a baked good, but it was hard to actually think of them as cupcakes, since they had such a different texture and density--it's almost as if they needed their own category, resting somewhere between cookie and cake. Replacing the milk with ice cream definitely does change the character of the finished product (don't ask me why in terms of chemistry, please--I went to art school)--so proceed with caution!