Strawberry slice throwdown

Do y'all remember my "uglifying strawberry slices"? I decided to have a strawberry slice throwdown. Which would be the better treatment? Berry sugar (superfine or bar sugar in the U.S.) or lemon juice? (I'm still searching for Fruit-Fresh, which I cannot find for the life of me in the NYC markets. Fruit-Fresh, where are youuuu?)

Strawberry Slice Throwdown

I used the slicer that Lyndsay from Sweet Cuppin Cakes sent me and then divided the pile into two: lemon juiced vs. sugared.

Strawberry Slice Throwdown

(Note the little strawberry huller? I love it!)

At the end of my test (about 40 minutes), the sugared strawberries were somewhat liquidated and throwing up their fruit juice. The lemon-coated versions held up much better.

Strawberry Slice Throwdown

I hope to try a new test with Fruit-Fresh vs. lemon juice. But first, I must get some Fruit-Fresh! I asked my two local cooking supply store to order me some, but no one has been able to get this stuff. What's going on??

The current winner: lemon-juiced berry slices.

All photos by Stacie Joy.


CynJ said…
FruitFresh is tough to find a good portion of the year in my experience.

Summer going into fall when the canning jars and canning supplies make their appearance it's more common (or if your grocery is bigger they may have canning jars year round with the FruitFresh hidden next to them). I use a lot of it for dehydrating fruit and I generally stock up when I see it on the shelves.
Angela said…
I found my Fresh Fruit in the baking isle near the powdered sugars, and cocoas, I totally wouldn't have thought to look there. I did however, search the entire produce department, three times.
Gigi said…
Did the berries taste overly of lemon? We're planning to do strawberry shortcakes as soon as the season starts and were wondering how to macerate the berries without them falling apart and looking sad. Lemon juice could be the solution we were looking for!
Stacie Joy said…
Re: Fruit-Fresh, I am getting desperate. I live in NYC, where few people can goods.

@Gigi -- I dried the sliced strawberries off so they wouldn't be too lemony.
BeeJay said…
I was at the grocery store today and found a TON of fruit-fresh down a totally random aisle (which I can't think of right now) it was like the one with home goods and stuff, I think. I thought of you and just thought you should know! I'm all the way in the St. Louis area, so if you're ever here you can stock up! Love the blog!=)