Super cute Easter cupcakes

Easter Bunnies & Chicks Cupcakes
Orange and poppyseed cupcakes with orange buttercream and fondant bunny/chick faces by Flickr user daintyindulgence

from (which has instructions) via Flickr

Dusti's Cupcakes on Flickr has lots of absolutely adorable Easter cupcake photos, including these three:

a chicken, a pig, and a chick
(idea from the Wilton Cupcake Fun book)

Hattie and Wilber turn 2!

Bunny Cupcakes
These are my (Rachel's) personal favorites! Idea from


Mario said…
Amazing! People are really inspired when it comes to food.
Too bad that it's a temporary art form... once you enjoy it, it's gone!
Jenna said…
Awww too cute!!