Alice in Wonderland cupcakes by Look Cupcake

These were made by Seattle custom cupcake company Look Cupcake (via Flickr). They had a client who saw the infamous and amazingly creative hello_naomi's Alice in Wonderland cupcakes and wanted something similar! (see hello_naomi's gorgeous Flickr cupcake photo sets here and read our interview with her here)

This a true example of the international cupcake community, and the power of the Internet to spur business. It's part of why I'm so adamant about both bakeries having a strong online present and attribution.

The Cheshire Cat
cheshire cat cupcake

The White Rabbit's Pocket Watch
the white rabbit's pocket watch cupcake

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes


Cakespy said…
These are so sweet! And I know from past experience that Look Cupcakes are ALSO delicious!
Paul A Telling said…
THESE ARE FRIGGIN AWESOME AND LOOK SO YUMMY I WANT ONE!!! I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND! big fan and looking forward to tim burtons film so muhc should be friggin awesome! Anything to see it again on the big screen the TV version have been pretty crap good to finally have someone take it seriously!

For more alice in wonderland check her out here!
Nici said…
Wow, thes cupcakes look so great! Nice job!
Want to eat some now!