Bliss Bake Shop's giant cupcakes

This giant graduation cupcake cake is from the newly opened Bliss Bake Shop in Portland, Oregon. They're also on Flickr, where they have a cupcake cake photo set.

Luscious Lemon cupcake cake 2
"Luscious Lemon Raspberry bliss cupcake cake is lemon cake with raspberry preserve filling, vanilla buttercream liner on base, lemon buttercream rosettes and topped with fresh raspberries"

And they do indeed make regular-sized cupcakes, ones that are cute and delicious-looking (admittedly, I'm a sucker for mint chocolate anything). I'm not sure how much the giant cupcakes cost, but the regular sized ones are $2.75 each, the mini ones ("Bliss Bitty") are $1.25. I'm still having trouble with the colors on their blog, which make it tough to read, but locals might want to check it out.

chocolate chip mint cupcakes

personalized red velvet birthday cupcakes for twins

the big one's a special jumbo cupcake

When you sign up for their newsletter (via their site), you get a coupon for $5 a purchase of a dozen cupcakes (expires June 30th).

Bliss Bake Shop
4708 NW Bethany Blvd Suite E-5
Portland, OR 97229
baked at


Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-5pm


Madison Sanders said…
Oh my! Those are some big cupcakes. The luscious lemon raspberry cupcake is beautifully decorated. I wonder how they taste? :)
Jen said…
I loooove the chocolate covered strawberry cupcake, and I really wish I had one of those mint chocolate cupcakes right here with me! Oh Portland, why must you be so far?!