Cupcake bakery in Alaska

Sometimes when I'm bored or looking for things to post, I search for a certain state and cupcakes, which is I think how I discovered cupcakes in Hawaii.

Now, thanks to the blog Just Sweet Enough, I know about a cupcake bakery in Alaska!

Just Sweet Enough writes:

Look at the icing!! You may be able to read some of tags in the case. There were carrot cake cupcakes, fresh strawberry cupcakes with sprinkles, and several other kinds. It was NOT an easy choice, and I wish I had gotten a few to try later after I realized how great they really were. We both chose the Not So Plain Jane white chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and it was one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. This icing was buttery and sweet without being overly greasy and heavy (I hate greasy buttercream!!), and the cake was perfectly moist and sweet. I’m so happy that I was eavesdropping at just the right time. ;-) If the carrot cake had been equally as good, which I suspect would have been the case, I might not have gotten back on the boat!!

The 2 photos below are by Karman L. on Yelp.

Sugar Mamas, Skagway, Alaska

Sugar Mamas, Skagway, Alaska

Karman L. writes:

The store is nicely decorated with pink and brown colors. I saw the cutest cupcakes on the shelves. For no reason, I went ahead and bought 7 cupcakes (Remember...I am on a cruise...there's UNLIMITED food and dessert on board. There's no reason why I should buy more dessert to eat!)

Each cupcake runs for $2.25 ...I got chocolate w/ peanut butter buttercream frosting, the Hillary - white care with toasted coconut buttercream, coffee cake w/ mocha buttercream frosting, and the strawberry fields forever...

I think the chocolate w/ peanut butter was the BEST!!! The cake was moist, the buttercream was perfect!!!

Apparently, they also sell a giant cupcake for $25.

Sugar Mamas
5th and Broadway
Skagway, AK 99840


DebDeb said…
OH CURSES!!! How long must I WAIT for a cupcake bakery in Anchorage??? Do you know how far away Skagway IS?! Lucky cruise passengers will be reaping the benefits, though. I have to go pout now.
Sweetie Pie said…
Hi! Can I just second my own post and say that Sugar Mama's was awesome? It might have been one of the best parts of my entire vacation!

Thanks for the mention. You have such a fun site. I love me some cuppy cakes so I'm sure to keep reading!! :-)
Karman Lee Photography said…
Cool - I just found out my review got posted on the blog!
Allison Abraham said…
I am right there with you DebDeb!! I'm up in Fairbanks! When're we gonna get cupcakes darnit?!