Star Wars Day cupcakes

Since today is Star Wars Day (and no, I still haven't seen it!), I thought I'd post some Star Wars cupcakes. Some of them you've seen here before, but I couldn't resist!

Star Wars Birthday
by Happiness in a Bite on Flickr

May the Force be With You
by Flickr user Flying Time Designs

darth vader cupcakes
Darth Vader cupcakes by Flickr user megpi

star wars cupcakes --- again
by Flickr user gelcolet

Star Wars Cupcakes
by Blue Cupcake via Flickr

by Sweet Avenue Bakeshop via Flickr
by Flickr user Deirdre Jean, whose caption I have to include:

The Force Is Strong
Detail of our Episode III: Revenge of the Sith cupcakes. These are vegan Fauxstess Cupcakes (from Vegan with a Vengance). They're very dark, like the dark side. And, like Anakin (after he becomes darth Vader), they have some of the good stuff inside.


Melanie said…
Ah, these are so cute.
Im not really a Star Wars fan, but Im loving these!
twopartssugar said…
Wow! Soooo cute...we just did some Star Wars cupcakes and a cake....what a project!