Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Creative Wedding Cupcake ideas

June is almost over, but since it's a traditional wedding month, I wanted to highlight some wedding cupcakes that have caught my eye:

Under the Sea wedding cake & cupcakes
Under the sea wedding cake and cupcakes by Seattle's Look Cupcake via Flickr - edible chocolate shells & starfish, sugar coral and sculpted sea otters

Scrabble Wedding cupcakes!
Scrabble wedding cupcakes (Scrabble pieces provided by the couple) by Retro Bakery Las Vegas via Flickr

Mickey Cupcake Wedding Tower
When I first saw this Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake tower, I thought it was for kids, but no, it's a wedding cupcake tower! by Flickr user obliviousfire

Wedding cupcakes
Dancing couple wedding cupcakes by London's The Lavender Bakery via Flickr

Miami Wedding Raquel and Chuck
This is a basic cupcake tower, but I love the presentation. By Miami's The Cupcake Bistro via Flickr where they write:

This tower is filled with oh such yummy cupcakes like: Gorgeous Red (Red Velvet cake/Cream Cheese frosting), Havana Desire (Guava filled cake/Cream Cheese frosting), and Panama Paradise (Almond cake/Cream Cheese frosting/toasted coconut). A small Gorgeous Red cake with beautiful Gerbera Daisies adorned the top of the tower. Scatter Daisies were used to arrange around tower.

ACDC Wedding Cupcake Favors
These AC/DC cupcakes are actually wedding cupcake favors, but still, so fun. Love the personalization. From The Perfect Cupcake (custom cupcakes) on Long Island, via Flickr.

"Marry Me?" cupcakes by London's Bake-a-boo, via Flickr (not technically wedding cupcakes, but still cute and, I say, on topic - after all, these people are very likely to have cupcakes at their wedding, right?)

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Randi said...

Love, love, love the cupcakes from The Perfect Cupcake on Long Island! They not only look incredible, they taste AMAZING!