4th of July red, white and blue cupcakes

photo via Inforum (click for recipe)

Sue Doeden at Inforum writes about going to Houston's Crave Cupcakes. She also has a recipe for the above red, white and blue cupcakes.

Four cupcakes, each a different variety, were tucked into the box. Although a bit smooshed after their long plane trip to Fargo and then a ride in the car to Bemidji, they sat in the box, teasing me the same way the dark chocolate-dipped apricots do from the glass case in the chocolate shop. I had to have one – immediately.

The folks at Crave Cupcakes in Houston would not guarantee the little homemade gourmet cakes baked Wednesday would still taste fresh on Friday. They are baked without preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

We peeled away the paper holder from each cupcake – dark chocolate with dark chocolate frosting, vanilla with vanilla bean frosting, carrot with sweet cream cheese frosting, and red velvet. Each held its own attraction, but it was the red velvet cupcake that kept drawing me back for another bite. The cake was dark red and it was topped with thick, sweet cream cheese frosting.


All About Food said…
Hi Rachel,
I'm glad you liked the red, white and blue cupcakes. I hope you'll try the recipe. They are especially good with the fluffy cream cheese frosting made with whipping cream.
Sweet little cakers!
Sue Doeden
Lauren said…
So excited to see this on CTTC! As a fellow Fargo-ian, I saw this in today's paper and immediately recognized the pic posted here tonight.

Love your blog and read it daily! Keep up the great work!
Kalyn Denny said…
Love the red, white, and blue cupcakes!