I usually don't post people's email that are sent to Cupcakes Take the Cake, but this one was too sweet not to share. Sent in by a reader's husband, Adam, who writes:

"My wife has been raving about your blog for a while now. Recently, she mentioned submitting a picture of her cupcake flower tattoo and so i thought i would submit something else of her's. After a week out of town on business I came home last Friday to a tray of the most fantastic cupcakes I've ever had, not only because they were a deadly combination of chocolate, almond and cherry but because they were made just for me by my wonderful wife."

Want to see those deadly-delicious cupcakes? Look here.

Ah, ain't love grand?


Summer Athena said…
hahah! i was reading this thinking it sounded strangely familiar, then said that is my Adam and my cupcake recipe. i cannot believe he did this! i am awwwed myself. thanks for posting this. he kept asking me if i was checking your blog as of late. now i know why. cupcakes ARE a way to a man's heart! proof -- right here.
thank you for posting this and everything else you do.