Biggest baker crush

I don't know her, but I love her. Norwich Nuts you drive me, well, nuts. Your scrumptious vegan concoctions make me drool, and your creativity seems boundless.

Newest cupcakes:

Blueberry Blue Curacao Cupcake

Blueberry blue curacao cupcakes!

Blueberry Blue Curacao Cupcake

"Vegan vanilla cupcake with Toffutti sour cream, Curacao, and fresh blueberries...topped with Ricemellow, and more fresh blueberry sauce."

Photos courtesy NorwichNuts.

Recipe forthcoming at GonnaGoWalkTheDogs.


norwichnuts said…
Thank you very much for all your compliments!
Stacie Joy said…
You are sooo very welcome, Ms. NorwichNuts!
Summer Athena said…
I, too, have the biggest crush on her and her lovely creations. I want to eat them all!
~K~ said…
Where can I find the recipe? I searched norwichnuts site and came up empty:((
norwichnuts said…
The recipe will be posted today!
Thank you for asking!