Billy's Bakery Tribeca so much better than Billy's Bakery Chelsea

I have to say, I am so impressed with the new Billy's Bakery at 51 Franklin Street, NYC, in Tribeca, which opened yesterday. All the issues I've had in the past with the dryness of Billy's Bakery cupcakes were not in effec in this more spacious, open, colorful location.

Their walls match their logo colors, yellow and green, and they had some wonderful flavors, including chocolate cheesecake, banana cake with cream cheese frosting, and a delicious strawberry shortcake.

Billy's Bakery Tribeca cupcakes

I bought these 4 cupcakes, total $10.50, and got a coupon for a free cupcake (opening day special).

After I ate part of the banana cupcake, I had to go up and ask what kind of frosting was on it. It was something creamy and not ultra-sweet and just perfect. "Cream cheese frosting," the clerk said. Well, I was shocked, because I am not normally a cream cheese frosting fan, but I'd totally get this one again! I'd get any/all of these again, actually.

The strawberry shortcake one had been refrigerated so was pretty cold, but the pudding-like frosting was amazing and altogether the strawberries, frosting and pound cake-like cake were a delight. I'm not sure which one my favorite was...probably the banana, but the chocolate cheesecake was moist and rich, and even the vanilla/vanilla was moist, to my surprise.

inside the chocolate cheesecake cupcake

They were also selling some amazing-looking cakes, including coconut and peanut butter pie, various cookies and bars.

They also had samples out of banana cake, chocolate chip and other kinds of cookies, and the lemon bars (which I highly recommend). They were doing a pretty brisk business, a few kids, some adults, one business meeting being conducted at the window table. There's three (I think) tables to sit at, and you are not crammed in on top of your fellow customers like you are in Chelsea. The kitchen is behind glass and there's altogether a more open, customer-friendly vibe at this store.

They're also having a contest to name their next product:

See more photos in my Flickr account (I will categorize and organize them into a set soon).

So in conclusion, I'm not sure if it had to do with opening day, these delicious new flavors, or what, but if I ever want a Billy's Bakery cupcake, I'll be heading to Tribeca over Chelsea. (And yes, they have some competition a few blocks away at Tribeca Treats, which I'll report on later, I went back for a visit since I hadn't been in a long time, probably since our Meetup there back in 2007.)


Anonymous said…
Cupcakes are dry at the Chelsea location because they spend up to two days in the basement on speed racks. Hopefully, there will be on site baking at the new location and not just the well staged appearance of baking. By the way, where IS Billy anyway? Did he leave us for Kansas with Magnolia's recipes? Shame, he never knew how to bake and had sticky fingers on top of everything.
I work at the Billy's Chelsea location, though I may be working at Tribeca at some point as well, and I am sad to hear that you feel the cupcakes are so dry.

I can attest to the fact that are always served fresh and never, as Ninth Avenue Dish wrote, "up to two days" old. Though I do love Magnolia, it saddens me that you feel Billy's is merely its spinoff/rip-off, as I find that it has not only more range, but more depth. The whole vibe of Billy's is such that it enticed me far more than Magnolia when it came time to apply to work at cupcakeries.
Also, I can attest to the fact that all baking is absolutely done on-site, so I'm vaguely offended by the suggestion of the "well staged appearance of baking." Of course, you are still entitled to your opinion, but I find that a misinformed or even slanderous remark.
Regardless, you are entitled to your own opinions or cupcakery biases, but I can't understand what led you to so bitterly dislike such a happy place.
You MUST try a slice of the Chocolate Icebox Cake. It is like nothing I've ever had before! I was embaressed when I realized that I actually moaned out loud after taking my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last bites. This is some seriously chocolateylicious dessert.
PS I am the proud supplier of Billys Bakery paper and plastic shopping bags and I have been in the basement for meetings while the bakers have been freshly baking these scrumptious desserts . Anyone who says that they are not freshly baked does not have a clue as to what they are talking about! Go to Billys Bakery..Get some yummies and a smile! I do at least 2x a week!