Bird-day cupcakes!

The blog Death by Chickens is featuring several photos of these adorable bird-day cupcakes (via Flickr).

Julie Ann writes of the above photo:

The cupcakes in the last photo, I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes, yellow icing for the beaks and wings from Keebler Bug Bites Crackers (I used the fireflies and broke them in half!). I realized after I made these, that pecan halves would have worked for the wings as well. But the kids will like these better anyway.



Anonymous said…
oh those cupcakes are so cute! did they use teddy grahams for the wings?
ChikaBebe said…
looks so delicious it looks like the bird on the twitter :d yummy
Noemi said…
Oh my!! Those are cute!! Thanks fro sharing :)
Noemi said…
Oh my! Those are super cute! Thanks for sharing :)