Campbell's tomato soup cupcake in Seattle

Seattle Represent! has nothing but praise for the newest addition to the Seattle cupcake bakery community, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company.

So with multiple chains having already established devoted clienteles, do we really need one more cupcake shop? In this blogger’s opinion: YES. Seattleites now have another cupcake mecca in Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company.

The difference is in the frosting. Owners Mike Hein and Tony Portugal describe their Italian buttercream frosting to be “lighter while not being overly sweet.”

But more than that, it’s in the unique set of flavors Yellow Leaf Cupcake offers. Their “wow” factor comes from their Tomato Soup cupcake, a recipe coming from Hein’s childhood through a family friend. It comes across as a pumpkin-carrot cake mixture – and it’s received rave reviews from customers. “Only Campbell’s works!” says Hein. “It offers a certain sweetness that the other brands don’t have. We put it in every batch.”

I thought this was especially interesting in light of the fact that The Branded Cookbook is coming out this September and has a recipe for peanut butter cupcakes made with Skippy brand peanut butter, as well as cornflake cupcakes (which honestly don't sound like a must-eat to me, but I will wait and see).


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I have made bourbon and cornflake cupcakes and they are amazing. I used bourbon and cornflake ice cream (instead of milk) purchased from a local Ice cream place here in San Francisco. I have pictures of them in the Official Mission Minis set:


did I see Nichelle Stephens in the audience of one of Martha Stewarts cupcake shorts? I want to go to that too... ; )

Mission Minis (San Francisco)

PS: I am planning on winning the Iron SF Cupcake Challange today. (haha)