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Confections of a Cupcake cupcakes

These were delivered to me (free, thank you!) from "bakery delivery service" Confections of a Cupcake, based in New York. Owner Alissa had read that I am a fan of the s'more so I thought she was going to bring me all s'mores, but I got a sampler. They were delivered in a beautiful package, perfectly intact, and there was much oohing and aahing over them.

I of course went for the s'mores first:

S'mores cupcake from Confections of a Cupcake

Inside the s'mores cupcake from Confections of a Cupcake

I loved the presentation of the marshmallow, it was a little different than usual. I liked the way this cupcake looked, but I think the marshmallow was the best part. The chocolate wasn't chocolatey enough for my taste - could've been sweeter, and I wasn't in love with the cake. It was moist, but the flavor was lacking in my opinion. I wasn't really sure what flavor the cake was supposed to be, and wound up basically eating the top off of this one. It wasn't bad overall, but couldn't been better.

Inside the lemon meringue cupcake from Confections of a Cupcake

My favorite was the lemon meringue (above) - the gooeyness and sweet tartness of the lemon combined with the meringue and a light cake = delicious!

I liked the red velvet even though cream cheese frosting isn't my favorite; this one was thick but not too much so, and the combination went really well together.

Cookies and cream was rich - I liked the frosting, but it was very creamy (well, perhaps that's obvious). Not sure how to describe it exactly, but I was more in a light/lemon mood so that one was by far my favorite.

But wait! I did not eat all 12 by myself. My friend and fellow cupcake lover Colleen had this input:

Smores – ehh...not that great. The ganache is wonderful in the center...cake not too good...and not a fan of the solid marshmallow on top. The consistency just doesn’t go – it needs to be ooey and gooey.

The Lemon Meringue. One of the BEST I’ve had. The cake is a perfect level of sweet and moist to offset the tangy curd. Not toooo sweet. Perfect!

Cookies and cream – I LOVE the cake. Very very dense and super moist. Not too sure on the whipped cream frosting. Though a buttercream would be too much going with such a dense cake. I just feel like the ‘cream’ part is missing cause its too light...maybe more vanilla in the whipped cream??? Criticism’s WONDERFUL! That cake is awesome

And surprisingly – red velvet is one of the better ones I’ve had. Usually they are tasteless, or the frosting is TOO tangy. Though red velvet isn’t one of my favorite flavors...I usually avoid it...this is pretty darn ok !

My (Rachel's) conclusion: I would definitely try them again, especially the lemon meringue. Spring seasonal flavors are Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Triple Berry Pie (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries) and Coconut Bread which all sound up my alley.

They deliver to Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau for free and the cupcakes are also sold at Bayside Milk Farm in Bayside, Queens.

Here's more info:

Manhattan / Bronx - $10
Westchester / Suffolk - $15
Staten Island - $20
There is a $20 order minimum for delivery.
Large orders may require an additional delivery fee.

Confections of a Cupcake
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