Cupcake bakery Sugar Shock to open in Rome

According to @foodinrome on Twitter:

Just found out the new cupcake place will be on Via Nazionale 125..very close to Sweety Rome..strange (a later Tweet says the cupcakery will be called Sugar Shock)

And here's what the blog Food in Rome has to say about Sweety Rome:

Sweety Rome, a new cafe / bakery on Via Milano, offers a range of cupcakes and cheesecake, as well as serving coffee and American breakfasts.

If you’re taking away, the main offerings are the cupcakes and the cheesecakes, along with various little tarts and cookies. The cupcakes are beautifully presented, with bright sugary icing. We tried their lemon, chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut flavours; the lemon came out on top. The Sweety Rome cupcakes were also compared favourably with the more established Josephine’s Bakery on Piazza del Paradiso.

The staff at Sweety Rome are friendly and enthusiastic about their products, which also include a range of flowers. We have yet to try the coffee or the American breakfasts (which apparently include pancakes, muffins, bacon, and so on), but if they’re anything like the quality of the cakes, it should be a safe bet. It certainly won’t be long before we’re back there.


When I was in Rome two weeks ago, I went to Josephine's Bakery and heard that one of their ex-employees was opening a new cupcake shop on Via Nazionale. You can see my review of Josephine's on my blog. I actually just posted it today.