Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cupcake kebabs!

How cool are these? Go Nora! Neopolitan.

Update: These are by Nibbles by Nora, see her photo here.

To see more photos and an interview with Nora about how she made these cupcake kebabs, click here.


Brandi said...

Such a great idea!!

BakedwithLove said...

How cute!

Christine said...

oooh! Delicious looking! Would be perfect for a party!!

Diana Evans said...

oh cool!!! these look great!!! perfect for a campfire!

TheBeautyIn Life said...

Yummy, these look so delectable!

ellie said...

Now there is a kebab i would actually eat!

I love them, such a great idea for summertime picnics!