Cupcakes vs. Donuts: The Great Debate!

Last week I did a fun debate with comedian and donut lover Adam Wade, organized by another comedian friend, Ritch Duncan, all for Dumb as a Blog. Here's a sample:

Ritch: Let's have a good debate; keep it clean and come out swinging. Cupcakes won the coin toss, so we'll start with Rachel:
CupcakesTaketheCake: Cupcakes are cute, fun, colorful and portable. They make people instantly, magically happy in a way that other desserts just don't. People go crazy over cupcakes in an unparalleled way.
Dr. Donut PhD-d-d-donut: A wise man by the name of HOMER SIMPSON once asked: "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" I answer him, "NO!" Donuts bring people together. If North Korea had donuts, they'd be too happy to build bombs!
CupcakesTaketheCake: Cupcakes played a role in the Presidential election last year. Bakeries made Obama vs. McCain cupcakes. They didn't do so for donuts.
Dr. Donut PhD-d-d-donut: Cupcakes, are they built for the economy? Me thinks not! After this recession all the cupcake joints will close down and what will we be left with? Donuts for all!

Please go check it out and vote! Now, we are not going to tell you who to vote for, but I think the answer is OBVIOUS.

It's official - cupcakes DO take the cake
My not so subtle hint about what I think the answer should be
Cupcakes by Sweet Avenue Bake Shop at last year's cupcake picnic in Central Park (the next one is June 13th, 2-4 pm!).