For the dedicated cupcake addict

Cupcake addict

This is by beepart on Etsy, and comes in at a pricey $85. But for the true cupcake addict...

The official title is: "cupcake addiction tattoo style decoupage on reclaimed wood"

are you a 'user'? step one: confronting the cupcake...

measures approx. 8"x16" and just slightly thicker than 1/2".

Module pieces are frameless and come ready to hang on your favourite unnoccupied wall space.
They are designed with spacers to float off the wall by just a wee bit.
They are very bright and shiny.

this particular item has a lot of depth within the surface images.


neil jeffery said…
thanks so much for the feature!
the girL said…
i just bought it!
thanks for sharing :-)
i am definitely an addict
LOVE your blog
LOVE my new cupcake art!!!