Free cupcakes today at Delish in Austin

Cupcake from Delish in Austin


Stop in all day for free cupcakes and from 6-8pm they'll be serving free champagne and wine! Double treat!

The best part is that you won't have to stand outside of a trailer. Delish has mdoern decor that includes stools and counters. They also have air conditioning!

Cupcake flavors include Mexican Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon Zest, Black & White, Strawberry Z, Ginger Carrot, Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, and more! You can pair your treat with a beverage such as coffee, hibiscus iced tea, iced chai, hot tea, milk, water, dry soda, or soda!

The cupcakes look great, but the website has pretty much NO information on it. This is a giant pet peeve of mine - bakeries, please please please don't make your sites public until there is at least some basic details on it. (Yes, they have their address and phone number, but come on, it's not that hard to slap a menu and a photo or something up.) Also, unless you squint at the bottom, you don't know they're in Austin.

I think at minimum a bakery's site should have some photos, an "About Us" page, contact info, hours, address (prominently placed), phone number and a menu. There's more, of course, but it's just frustrating for those of us looking for information. That being said, I'm all for free cupcakes, so I hope some of you Austinites get to feast on them.

Since their site is so devoid of information, here's what others are saying:

Austin Post:

The newest arrival on the cupcake scene, Delish opened this spring in a hoppin’ downtown spot on W. 3rd Street. In contrast to Hey Cupcake!’s eclectic Austin charm, Delish resembles an LA hotspot with its sleek, modern furniture and stylish presentation of its offerings. Flavors tend to stick to the classics (Mexican Chocolate, Strawberry, Carrot Cake), and they’re executed to perfection, with small moist cakes topped with a light crown of frosting. I plan to stop by Delish at the end of my next night downtown for a perfectly sweet ending.

Maggie's Austin has some wonderful photos and this to say (though I think she means "inconspicuous"):

Downtown needed a cupcake spot because when the afternoon rolls around at work, I’ll use any excuse to leave the office. Bring one back for the bossman and everyone wins! Delish opened 3 weeks ago but the storefront is so conspicious, I probably walked past the store 100 times without noticing it. Lucky for them, the cupcake craze is going strong!

And, of course, Yelp: out of 10 reviews, 6 are 5 star, 1 is 4 star, 2 are 2 star, and 1 is 1 star. Read them and of course judge for yourself today, gratis!


Unknown said…
great looking cupcakes, do you mind sharing what tip was used to get that perfect swirl?
Megan said…
"please please don't make your sites public until there is at least some basic details on it."

That annoys me, too. Another peeve of mine is when bakeries post lots of awesome photos of their work, but just label the pics as "clown cake", "white wedding cake", etc and a small note to "email us about our flavors." That makes me less likely to choose a particular bakery.