Ginger and rum dark and stormy cupcake

dark and stormy cupcake

Get the recipe here, via Flickr, part of a challenge to, in this case, create a cupcake recipe.

"i adapted recipes for ginger and rum cakes, baked them together, made cream cheese frosting with dark rum, and sprinkled crystallized ginger over the top."


Megan said…
That recipe sounds so delicious. Heck, I'm willing to take the frosting by itself and go to town!
Sydney O'Dear said…
Oh my godness that sounds yummy. That would definitely be an excellent idea for a group of adults.
beth said…
Hi - I realized this post is almost a year old, but I came across it in looking for a dark and stormy cake recipe - not easy to come by! Last year I tried to send my friends a dark and stormy cake as a thank you for a weekend. The first order never shipped and when I contacted, they said they were discontinued. I found a second place who said they had them, and had a similar experience. So I gave up. So decided to try to make one on my own.

Anyway, these sound amazing, but i'm wondering - how many does it make? I can't tell the quantities because of the two batters, etc. Would you say two dozen? Or ... ?

thanks in advance
kidchamp said…
hey beth! it's been awhile since i've made them, but as i recall, yup, it's about two dozen.