Iron Cupcake: London and Iron Cupcake: Chicago

Iron Cupcake has recently expanded to Chicago and London, which each held their first event on June 1st.

Iron Cupcake Chicago

Iron Cupcake: Chicago had a citrus theme. Here are some photos from the official Flickr pool:

Nicole's Red Ruby Avocado cupcakes were the big winner!

Blood Orange cupcakes by Tracy won 2nd place.

Dark-Orange cupcakes by Heather won 3rd place.

Other entries:

The next one is July 6th (For more info or to register email

Click here to read the official report from Iron Cupcake: London and see more of the winning cupcakes.

photo by Dave Shipman

Pictured above are the winning cupcakes: Anna’s chocolate cinnamon cupcakes with honeycomb butter icing

The chocolate cinnamon cupcake would have been joyful on its own – Anna balanced the chocolate and spice perfectly. But she didn’t stop there, oh no! Add to that a crisp and flavoursome home made honeycomb crushed up into the butter icing with a shard on top and you have a masterpiece!

Details about the next Iron Cupcake: London, which is also July 6th:

The theme: Summer Fruits– use any seasonal (for the UK) summer fruit in anyway your wish…let your imagination run wild!

Entry requirements – 12 cupcakes made to the same recipe. This is to ensure there are enough cupcakes for the judges and spectators to taste! If you wish to enter more than one variety of cupcake please do – the more the merrier!

The time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm

The date: Monday 6 July 2009…this gives you all lots of time to rustle up your divine creations over the weekend!

The place: The Barrow Boy and Banker, which is located on the South side of London Bridge, practically opposite London Bridge Station. Please click HERE for a map.

Admission fee: £5 - this applies whether you’re entering a cupcake or simply coming along to sample the delights on offer, and covers tea and coffee. Any other refreshments can be purchased at the bar. Please note that if you are entering more than one type of cupcake, you will still only be charged £5.

In order to gauge numbers for tea and coffee, I would really appreciate if you could let me know if you intend to come along, and whether you intend to enter the competition. Please contact me via the "contact us" section of this website.


Heather Lalley said…
I had a blast at Iron Cupcake Chicago -- I'm Heather/Flour Girl ( behind those Dark Chocolate-Orange Cupcakes. Thanks for posting about the event. I've gotten some great inspiration from your site!