Lakers marbled cupcakes

Lakers marbled cupcakes with champagne buttercream
photo by JustJENN on Flickr

These cupcakes are by blogger JustJENN, who writes:

I liked the idea of marble cupcakes in Martha Stewart's Cupcake book, but I wanted to Laker-ize them and change it up to be gold and purple.

It came out so well I think it'd be great for any color themed party/shower/birthday. I then topped it off with a nice Champagne Buttercream, since they are champions you know. Ha! Actually I just wanted to see how it'd taste and it came out REALLY good, very smooth, one of the best buttercreams I've ever made, you can't even tell there's alcohol. I thought I should post these now in case anyone wanted to make them for their own sports-tailgating parties. The combination was delicious and they came out just as I had imagined, thank goodness.


Paris Pastry said…
I love the purple! It reminds me of lavender :)