Leopard print cupcakes

Leopard print cupcakes

With practically every blog ever (an exaggeration, but still, it's officially a meme) running the fashion designer cupcakes, it's only fitting to post these leopard print cupcakes by Animated Cupcakes, a custom cupcake company in Orange County, California, via Flickr.
Plus I know Nichelle is a huge fan of leopard print.

They write:

The leopard print design was requested to be blue and yellow to match the school's colors & mascot. Cupcakes toppers were handmade and custom designed especially for this occasion. The same design would definitely be fun with Bachelorette parties or birthdays.

Featured are Red Velvet cupcakes & Cream Cheese Vanilla cupcakes. Both are blanketed with Cream Cheese frosting.

For another take on leopard print cupcakes, see the ones by Retro Bakery Las Vegas.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could dress your leopard print cupcake in a leopard print cupcake wrapper from BusyIzzyBakery on Etsy (currently on vacation, photo via Flickr).

Also cool but currently sold out: leopard print cupcake lampwork bead set, also on Etsy.