New York's Made With Love Cupcakes FREE June 13th at our picnic

Made With Love Cupcakes
photos via Made With Love Cupcakes

Made With Love Cupcakes is a custom cupcake company in New York City. We haven't tried them yet but...they are bringing some FREE cupcakes to our Central Park picnic on June 13th. Join us and taste them along with us! Please RSVP at our Meetup group and let us know what you're bringing.

June 13, 2-4 pm
Cupcakes Take the Cake 3rd Annual Central Park Cupcake Picnic

For those of you who have been dying to share your cupcake creations with everyone, this is the meetup you want to attend.

Cupcakes Takes The Cake will be celebrating our 3rd annual picnic at Central Park. We will be at Cedar Hill which is near 79th Street and 5th Avenue on the east side of the park. Take the 6 to 77th Street and walk west to 5th Avenue.

Bring homemade or store-bought cupcakes to share. Or bring picnic
stuff (blankets, napkins, knifes, water)

Picnic starts at 2PM and ends at 4PM unless it rains.

Kids are welcome! Dogs and loud music are not.

Back to Made With Love Cupcakes. This is what they offer ($25 for 1 dozen regular size, $20 for 1 dozen mini cupcakes):

Cupcakes (small and large) delectably decorated and always Made With Love.

*Classic Chocolate
chocolate cupcake with a sugary sweet chocolate frosting

*Classic Yellow
vanilla cupcake with sweet vanilla frosting

vanilla cupcake with coconut flavors

*Chocolate Chip Coconut
vanilla cupcake with coconut flavors and chocolate chips

*Chocolate Chip
vanilla cupcake with chocolate chips

*Red Velvet
chocolate cupcake with a velvety buttercream frosting

They can be reached at madewithlovecupcakes at

Made With Love Cupcakes