Rock cupcakes at the 9:30 Club

I'd read about the famed rock club 9:30 Club's new cupcake venture, but because there's sooooo much cupcake news lately, it didn't wind up getting posted. Some cupcake news items just aren't the same without a photo, and this one is no exception. So thank you to Express Night Out for the real scoop. I think it would be awesome to go to a concert and get a cupcake to eat while you rock out. Or to gift to your favorite performer. I haven't been to the 9:30 Club in so long I don't even remember who I saw there (but I think I saw one of my favorite singers ever, Mary Lou Lord, many years ago), but this is a very positive sign.

THE 9:30 CLUB, of all places, has jumped on the cupcake train.

You might argue that cupcakes aren't very hard rock. You'd be right. But take a devil's food cupcake, fill it with vanilla buttercream, dip it in chocolate ganache and write "9:30" on it and you won't care if it's hard rock or not.

Mouth watering? You can buy these at the 9:30 Club during shows, or at Buzz Bakery in Alexandria starting this month.

And to mix bakeries for a moment, I must say that this gives new meaning to the Cupcake Royale advertising slogan, "Rock Out With Your Cupcake Out:"