Spotlight on The Flying Cupcake Bakery in Indianapolis

These adorable cat cupcakes are via The Flying Cupcake Bakery blog. (Theirs was one of the 10 cupcake bakery logos we love.)

They're located in Indianapolis and also have some great cupcake photos on Flickr (photos below are from their Flickr set). You can see more photos in their website gallery. Cupcakes are $2.50 each for regular size, $3.25 for jumbo, $1.50 for mini (mini cupcakes by special order only).

Here's what reviewer Debbie S. said on Yelp:

It is definitely way too cute to describe adequately. It's a kind of "comforting cute". All pastels - like you walked into your bedroom as a little girl and fell into your favorite pink, blue and yellow chenille bedspread - only surrounded by cupcakes, birthday cakes and gelato! Okay - did I do it justice? So now for the good stuff - the cupcakes! Be ready to have a large glass of milk when downing these sweet treats - My favorite was the vanilla with chocolate icing. I did have the Red Velvet because it's simply too hard to resist; but they put chocolate chips in the cake; and it just pushed me over the edge in sweetness and I have a huge sweet tooth!

And here's what blogger Middle West Meals wrote:

We only sampled three cupcakes tonight. (Perhaps "only" is the wrong word when two people share three generously-size cupcakes.) Underneath orange sprinkles and a tangy cream cheese frosting, the "what's up doc?" cupcake was packed with carrot, coconut, and plump raisins. The black forest cupcake was yummy but had excessive buttercream for me, though Ben didn't seem to mind. The cherry on top and the cherry goo in the middle were a great counterpoint to the rich chocolate cake.

The best of the three, without smidgen of doubt, was the chocolate peanut butter. The cake was perhaps a little too light - it got a bit smooshy when we tried to divide it in half. Never mind that, though, because the peanut butter frosting was amazing. The super-rich but still light frosting isn't something I'd cover a cake with, but it paired beautifully with the strong chocolate flavor of the cake. I happily scraped and devoured the tiny bit peanut butter frosting that was smeared on the side of the pastry box.

Flavors include:

Red Velvet Elvis
Fit for a King: dreamy red velvet cupcake loaded with chocolate chunks and topped with soft cream cheese icing and white chocolate shavings

Cheesecake Blues
Blueberry cheesecake cupcake on a sugar cookie crust.

Cinnamon Sugar
Sweet and sugary vanilla and cinnamon cakes topped with cinnamon sugar buttercream

The Flying Cupcake Bakery
5617 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN

(yes, these were Valentine's Day cupcakes, but I think they're adorable even though it's June)