True Blood vampire cupcakes

From the blog Vampire Nerd (tagline: "Vampire musings for vampire nerds, by vampire nerds. Vampire.") comes these True Blood cupcakes:

"Portland Vampire Examiner" Devon Downeysmith writes:

The cupcakes were frosted red, candles were lit, fake fangs perfectly lined alongside our vam-pie cake - we were ready for a vampire party. Not just any vampire party - a vampire party to celebrate the return of the best vampire show now and probably ever: True Blood.

Friends began to arrive and the energy started to build as the clock ticked closer to the show's starting time. We'd watched every spoiler clip, seen every video interview of the cast talking about the show's production. We'd run out of material to sustain us and were doubtful we could make it much longer. We needed our Blood fix and we needed it NOW.


Suzie Ridler said…
Absolutely wicked! Two of my favourite things: baking and the paranormal, LOL. Love this post!