What's new at Johnny Cupcakes

I'm looking into going to Boston for the Johnny Cupcakes cruise July 27th and having a Boston meetup at Sweet that day. I will post very soon when I know for sure if I can make it. From the notice above, it looks like you have to buy a t-shirt to get a cruise ticket. He Tweeted that there were only 140 cruise tickets available to the public so I'm not sure if it's sold out, will try to find out. I can't find the link but there was a menu for the event posted and, sadly, there were no cupcakes included (though the rest of the menu looked delicious). What's up with that?

There's some other fun stuff going on at Johnny Cupcakes:

Men's t-shirt available here; women's t-shirt available here - both $35.99. Like all things Johnny Cupcakes, they're limited edition.

The hats (see other styles on his blog) will be coming this fall!

If you haven't already, watch my interview with Johnny Cupcakes at the 3rd anniversary of his Boston store.


Susie-Q said…
Hey Rachel,

The Cruise sounds very cool. I've been in Johnny Cupcakes and was disappointed that they don't actually sell/make cupcakes. Do you know what the cruise entails?
I've been to Sweet - but my favorite cupcake in Boston (which is also the least expensive) is at a party store called "Party Favors" in Brookline. Their cupcakes are delicious!
I hope you have fun on the cruise!
lorraine said…
Hi Rachel,

The Cruise will be great fun - some tickets still available - hope you can make it. Would love to meet you!

Johnny's Mom