10 giant cupcakes we have known and loved

I'm reblogging some of these because they're too gorgeous, now that I've got giant cupcakes on the brain.

Giant cupcake for 21st birthday
by The Edinburgh Cupcake Company via Flickr

Giant cupcake racetrack cake by American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Australia) via Flickr

Giant Gluten-free Cars cupcake
Chocolate gluten-free cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and filled with chocolate chip buttercream. Decorated for a Cars theme.
by Meringue Bake Shop in Orange County, CA via Flickr

Cupcake Gigante version Ben 10
by All You Need is Cupcakes! in Buenos Aires via Flickr

Giant chocolate caramel cupcake
Giant chocolate caramel cupcake from Flickr user LittleMP, who writes:

Giant cupcake for my mom's co-worker who shares my birthday. Chocolate cake with the two layers put together with lots of caramel and a little vanilla frosting, topped with vanilla frosting, chocolate chips, caramel chips, caramel topping, and Ghiradelli (is that how you spell it?) semi-sweet chocolate drizzled on top.

Yay for polka dots! by Flickr user razzlefrazzle

by Flickr user Lizbt Action (I love the dragees, which look extra tiny on such a big cupcake cake!)

And for scale...

by Flickr user Lizbt Action

This one has a great title on Flickr: "You're Breaking Up With Me? But I Made You a Giant Cupcake!"

This one was found by Flickr user Wildcat Dunny in Chicago's Millenium Park. (I can't believe I've been doing this so long that I blogged this in 2005. Wow - even I didn't remember!)

And last but not least...the giant cupcake house!

photo by Flickr user cactusbeetroot