Bailey's beauty cupcake by Bella Cupcakes

I couldn't resist a little addendum to the last post, the Spotlight on Bella Cupcakes. Do click through to see her recent candy-coated cupcakes that look amazing. Add her on Flickr to get her ongoing cupcake concoctions on your screen.

Here's her caption on this one:

Well I have been wanting to try the Italian Meringue Buttercream on the cake journal website and well never did because I only had a handheld mixer and well I just would have the patients!! lol Now that I have my new kitchenaid mixer (which I still haven't named!) I could finally have a good!! OMG .... So good!! Its light & silky and just melts in your month! So this cupcake is a vanilla bean cupcake with a chocolate & baileys filling topped with a vanilla IMBC and crushed maltessers!! Mmmm is all I'll say!! lol