Barack Obama introduced by The Cupcake Shoppe owner

Many media reports are rolling in about the cupcake connection to today's speech by President Obama. From The News & Observer:

Raleigh businesswoman Sara Coleman introduced President Barack Obama Wednesday.

Coleman left Johnson & Johnson to start the Cupcake Shoppe Bakery on Glenwood Avenue, not far from Broughton High School, where the town hall meeting was taking place.

The business has 10 employees and cannot provide health care insurance to them because she can't afford it. She said it's difficult to compete for employees against businesses that do offer health insurance.

Obama thanked Coleman for the introduction and told the audience that she gave him a T-shirt from her shop, but no cupcakes.

"I know I've been talking about health care a lot, but I think cupcakes are good for your health," Obama said to laughter.

According to a liveblog at USA Today, at 12:20, Obama said tax cuts are helping people buy "cupcakes and other necessities of life."

The Cupcake Shoppe has gotten a lot of buzz this week after it gave away free cupcakes on Tuesday.


chandlerguera said…
I'm working in Raleigh this week and stopped by the Cupcake Shoppe after work today. The cinnamon cupcake was a winner!
Unknown said…
Way to go Sara! I'm from Winston-Salem, LOVE cupcakes AND pushing for more affordable health care coverage! You should hold a cupcake/health care rally!