Big Man Bakes opening soon in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is soon to get another option for cupcakes in the form of Big Man Bakes, which will sell red velvet, old school (see blurb below for explanation), carrot cake, german chocolate and coconut cupcakes.

Here's what Downtown News had to say about Big Man Bakes:

Blue is not alone. Coming in about three weeks is proof that cupcakes are made for, and by, anyone. At six-feet five-inches and 270 pounds, William “Chip” Brown is used to outgrowing things, but even he was surprised by how quickly he outgrew the temporary home for his cupcake spot Bigman Bakes at the Old Bank District Market on Main Street. “We’re in the process of relocating to our own space a couple of stores down,” said Brown, whose voice sounds as big as he is. “We had an overwhelming response. We sold out so we need our own space.” The big man bakes the cupcakes himself, and when he re-opens Downtowners will be able to enjoy flavors including red velvet, carrot cake, German chocolate, coconut and Old School, which is yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. The cupcakes, by the way, come in the XL size for $3.25 or mini bites for $1.

As far as I can tell, right now they are doing custom orders until the shop opens.

Here's part of the lone 5 star review on Yelp:

I have had the pleasure of having his red velvet and German Chocolate cupcakes (I guess it's rare that he does the German Chocolate Cupcakes due to the amount of labor) Both are delicious but I have to say I lean more towards the German Chocolate. If you want decadence, choose the double chocolate cake. Pure chocolate heaven in your mouth from the very first bite and his chocolate icing is not heavy or too sweet.

They're also on Facebook and Twitter.

Big Man Bakes
409 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
chip at