Cupcake Jones gets pretty with their cupcake of the day on Twitpic

A cupcake bakery that has a cupcake of the day and posts it with photos on Twitpic? Be still my heart!

I am actually thinking of moving to Portland, Oregon in something like 2011 or whenever I eventually move from New York, and Cupcake Jones gives me yet another reason to. Follow them on Twitter for daily cupcake yumminess; you can also download a monthly menu on their site. Sometimes feeling so close to cupcakes like these, via photo, just makes it all the more frustrating to be in New York and not get to taste them.

Cupcake of the Day today via Twitpic: Mixed Berry Cobbler ala Mode-Yellow cake, mxd bry fill, vanilla icing, mxd berry drizzle, pie crust cookie

Today's other special flavors, in case you were wondering, are German Chocolate and White Chocolate Marionberry.

Cupcake of the Day yesterday via Twitpic: Banana Split: Banana, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry.


Oh my goodness Im all about cupcakes today. Wow!
Ginny! said…
Oh my goodness!!! That looks SOOO good!!! :)
Thanks so much for mentioning us Rachel! Can't wait to meet you and fulfill your sweet tooth needs. We truly appreciate your blog post and support.