Free cupcakes delivered to your Los Angeles office by Swirls Cupcakes

Cupcake blogger The Cupcake Activist clued us in to the soon-to-launch Swirls Cupcakes in Los Angeles who, according to their website, are now offering free cupcakes delivered to your office. Awesome.

They write:

Swirls will deliver gourmet cupcakes to your office or event. If you would like to be on our route, or would like us to deliver free samples to your office, feel free t contact us at your convenience.

But their front page is a big website no-no - nowhere on it does it tell me where they're located! You have to click through. My blogging heart wants to cry when I see stuff like that, but hey, free cupcakes make it better, right? And yes, it does say Los Angeles when you click through to One Sip at a Time, but still. If I can instill anything I have learned in 4+ years of cupcake blogging onto bakery owners it's that you can't keep people guessing or make them confused. Give us the info up front! It's right there in my How to promote your cupcake bakery" post: "Your website should at the very minimum have your bakery name and address, phone number, email address, hours, menu and photos." Okay, blogging rant over.

Giving out freebies is how Brooklyn's Ivy Bakery got started back in the day; I signed up and got an assortment of goodies delivered to me, then recommended them to others who also got freebies. People remember free cupcakes.

The Cupcake Activist tried a whole array of flavors, as evidenced above, and here's what they said (click through for more detail and photos):

My favorites: Banana, Apple Strussel, Pina Colada, and Boston Creme. I am not normally someone who likes fruity cupcakes, but these cupcakes really won me over. The Banana cupcake had creamy vanilla frosting on top of banana bread-like cake. I was really bummed that I had to share it with five other people.

I overheard my brother say, "I think this frosting is the best I've ever had" (talking about the Red Velvet). He also really enjoyed the Chocolate Raspberry and Butterfinger.

My husband favored the Chocolate Chocolate. He has always liked chocolate cupcakes best!

See their flavor listing here.

Swirls Cupcakes


I was thinking the same thing. Their website needs more info. That being said, some of the best cupcakes I have ever had!