Fun with cupcake flavor names at Lulu's Cupcakes

Awesome cupcake in mouth image via Lulu's Cupcakes

Via Cupcake America, I clicked onto Lulu's Cupcakes. I can't grab their photos but did want to share their fun cupcake names - yet another way to get customers' attention and inject something unique and memorable into your cupcake menu:

The Mood Elevator
Chocolate cake topped with Italian coffee buttercream and a chocolate-covered espresso bean.

The Tantrum Tamer
Chocolate buttercream on vanilla cake.

Hold the Jelly
Awesome real peanut butter buttercream on a chocolate cake.

The Bottle Blonde
Vanilla buttercream on rich chocolate cake.

And the one I most want to eat (if I dare!):

Hot Mama
Cinnamon and cayenne pepper in a mexican chocolate cake. Topped with cool chocolate buttercream.


Single Cupcakes: $2.95 + tax

Foursome: $10.00 + tax

Lulu’s Dozen (16 cupcakes): $36.00 + tax

You can also see lots more photos in their MySpace profile and follow Lulu's Cupcakes on Twitter. You can also read customer reviews (they seem mixed, but overall, good) and see more photos at Yelp.

Lulu's Cupcakes
7607 E. McDowell Rd., #108
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
480-990-CAKE (2253)
luluscupcakes at


StuffCooksWant said…
Almost worth a trip to AZ to try that cayenne cinnamon combo! Thanks for sharing.