The giant cupcake in Covent Garden, London

Cate Sevilla has an up-to-the-minute report at BitchBuzz on a momentous cupcake event: the unveiling (and eating) of the giant cupcake that will feed 2,000 people!

Just a few minutes ago, a gigantic cupcake was sliced and served to hundreds of tourists, cake lovers and opportunistic passersby at the Covent Garden Real Food Market.

The cupcake, designed by Culinary Olympic winner Michelle Wibowo, was indeed gigantic. And, of course, as pink as possible.

Surrounding the overweight cake was a mass crowd of people - cell phones, Flips, and SLRs raised - all dying to get a shot of the gargantuan cake in a faux cup.

And then, naturally, there was a massive queue to get a taste of the free cake.

photos via BitchBuzz on Flickr

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petite nyonya said…
Oh my goodness! What a huge & magnificent giant cupcake! Wish I were there to give it a try. Must be quite a colossal task making this cupcake.
Vanessa said…
I wish I was there to try it too it looks so good!
Unknown said…
That giant cupcake was a sham, most of it was polystyrene covered in icing!
Kati Angelini said…
wow--I'd like to jump in that thing and start eating!! lol. My kids would love that--maybe someday
Unknown said…
holy moly...that is HUGE!!!
Ruabeo said…
I wish I was there, hic hic. I also wish these cupcakes will be made by Vietnamese appear on this site on one day recently ...^^.