Grub Street, Voice get it wrong

Oh Grub Street, how I love (and depend on) you...but I have to call shenanigans on your recent blurbs on the purported cupcake-backlash. First off, I disagree with your assessment that this blog has remained silent on the issue of the so-called backlash, or about Sarah DiGregorio's recent piece in the Village Voice. And, why spend so much time hating on something that makes people so happy? It's a cupcake, people, not Diprivan.

Rachel has commented on this issue before, but I hadn't. I've always felt that cupcakes, like all things, have their proponents and detractors, and I usually fall somewhere in between. But I do think the cupcake vitriol (and it exists) is somewhat baffling. Trends are worth noting, predicting, discussing, so cupcakes are fair game, but seriously, hatred over cupcakes seems somewhat silly to me.

I am not 100% pro-cupcake. Shocking, I know, for a cupcake blogger, but it's true that I have mixed emotions about cupcakes.

I detest when I get a bad one. And there are so many bad ones out there...but there are equally (if not more) good and even fantastic cupcakes. I occasionally get frustrated by some cupcake depictions in media. I am noted to loathe most large cupcake chains, and go nuts over the cupcakes my friends bake.

Sarah DiGregorio wrote, "A cupcake is just a cupcake," and I agree. I may even agree, to some extent that the cupcake can be "inherently onanistic." But I draw the line at referring to them as "little bastards."

DiGregorio's piece also spoke about her psychologist friend's assertion that cupcakes are a Generation Y selfish brat's delight. I disagree. Rather, they are a delight for anyone and everyone (including but not limited to spoiled '20-somethings). Why is it not enough to just enjoy cupcakes and not overthink them?


Michelle said…
Oh dear. I think homemade cupcakes are charming and a perfect happy snack. However, I've had two lousy/expensive cupcake disappointments lately - should I mention the brands? both were large and pretty looking, but bland, dry, bordering on stale. Honestly, I've made excellent homemade cupcakes, from the interesting (maple/walnut and chocolate/buttermilk) to the basic (duncan hines, fine I admit it.) Can't beat them.
Patti Kake's said…

As for your disdain of large cupcake chains; I'm right there with you. Like anything else, once a product goes through massive franchising, quality suffers. There is just no way around it. One person can't possibly quality-control 20 different places and the recipes get distorted, not to mention that it becomes increasingly costly to maintain the use of quality ingredients in all locations. I had the most HORRIFIC cupcake from a chain that had in the past received recognition as the "best cupcake" among all competitors. They touted that they do not use mixes or shortening, but the one I had, had a frosting made from nothing but shortening and had the most chemical/artificial flavor I've ever had outside of a pre-packaged gas-station 'cupcake'.
Bek said…
Wow. onanistic. How onanistic of them to call a cupcake that. So which definiation of onanistic are they grasping for? Masturbation or coitus interruptus? How are cupcakes sexual? Maybe someone has some kinks that us normal people that just happen to like cupcakes because they are yummy just will never understand.

I don't happen to read the villiage voice but really, do they have nothing better to do in this life than hate on pastries?
Ginny! said…
I agree!! Well said! :D