Hello Kitty and Sanrio cupcakes, fish cupcakes and more from Gabby Cupcakes

These are all by Flickr user gabby cupcakes - love the fondant decorations, especially Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty cupcakes

cupcakes :)

First Communion Cupcakes
First communion cupcakes


Ball cupcakes


Jorgelina said…
Very original.
Daughter him taste much Kitty. Talented and creative.
A greeting from Argentina.
Unknown said…
I LOVE the Hello Kitty & Chococat cupcakes!
Michelle said…
cute! I really want to have some. :D
Summer Athena said…
wow! these are fantastic!
0000 said…
Those are fantastically cute, too bad fondant is near inedible.
Now if they were making the same with real marzipan (not the commercial one which is close to fondant, I mean the one that actually does have a fair ammount of almonds in it), then I would be really happy.
All so yummy, and neat and pretty. Well made cupcakes! oxox So nice
flemmarde said…
I've discovered your blog a short while ago, and I love it!!!
I am french, living in Morocco and love baking. Cupcakes are my recent addiction!!! And your blog is just like food for the eyes.
Don't know if you can read french, but would love if you came and took a look at my blog ;)
I just love the Hello Kitty cakes. Probably much more than my 5 year old ;)
You're in my favorites, and I will continue to read you for long ;)
vanechacosta said…
those hello kitty cupcakes are disgustingly adorable. theyre perfect!
Jenny said…
these cupcakes are so cute!! i LOOOOOOVE the hello kitty ones ;D
Shell said…
These cupcakes are all so beautiful.
She-ra Bakes said…
That's some of the most amazing fondant work I've ever seen....impossibly perfect!
Unknown said…
love all the designs!
holy moly...love the hello kitty ones!!!