Hoboken Cupcake Tour and Picnic: July 11

Our next Cupcake Meetup is this Saturday, July 11. For July, we're leaving the state of New York and going across the Hudson to New Jersey. Hoboken! First, we'll meet at 2PM at Hoboken Path station. If you are coming from Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc, take the Path from NYC over to Hoboken. Fare is $1.75 one way.

We're going to visit three bakeries, Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, Sweet Hoboken and Crumbs BakeShop.

Around 2:15PM, we will go to Carlo's which is at 95 Washington Street. Then we can walk over to Sweet which is at 343 Garden Street which is 400 feet away and then walk down to Crumbs Bakeshop at 409 Washington Street. Should be there at Crumbs around 2:45PM After that we'll hang out at Stevens Park. I heard Stevens has way more grass than Frank Sinatra Park.

If you come after 3PM, the plan is for us to be chilling at the park by then and eating cupcakes. Feel free to bring light picnic gear or homemade cupcakes especially if you didn't make it to last month's rainy picnic.

Since bakeries tend to be small, I am going to order for us once when we get there to facilitate the group eating. You can chip in a dollar or two to cover the cost. Please RSVP only if you know you are coming so we can have a more accurate count and the bakery can set aside cupcakes for us.

To keep you up to date with the location of the group throughout the day, I set up an account with Tatango, a group text messaging service. If you sign up, you will receive a reminder the day of the meetup and where we are in Hoboken as we walk around. There will be no more than four text messages sent, but this is the most efficient way to keep up with a traveling group. Join the Cupcake Meetup group on Tatango where all do is put in your name and cell phone number.