The latest cupcake kebabs


photo by Kitchen DoughDough on Flickr

Yes, there are more cupcake kebabs being made, inspired by Nora, who made them for our Central Park Cupcake Picnic.

These are by blogger Kitchen DoughDough, who has instructions on her blog on how to make them:

Pineapple slices aka Cut-up Lemon Wafer Cookies
Cherry tomatoes aka Red Velvet Cupcakes
Steak pieces aka Cut-up Brownie pieces

The look is completed with skewers aka chocolate pocky sticks which make the whole thing totally edible!!!

Grilled Cupcakebabs!

See our previous cupcake kebab coverage and you make some, add the photos to our Flickr pool and/or send us your photos to cupcakestakethecake at


where's the frosting? do you baste them in the frosting?
Lyndsey said…
My mom wondered the same thing...I was honestly so excited about the kebabs that I didn't think about frosting! Next time I'd make a frosting glaze to "baste" them in. You can also make frosting stripes on the brownie to make them look grilled. lyndsey aka kitchen doughdough
thanks, lyndsey! whenever i see cupcakes, the first thing i think about is frosting. i think that's why i like cupcakes so much to begin with. positive frosting to cake ratio.