More treats including s'mores and Irish Potato Candy from Ivy Bakery

Well, I'm still here at Ivy Bakery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, sadly missing our Hoboken cupcake meetup (sorry!), so I thought I'd share some more images. (Though I really wish YouTube were a wee bit faster, I will post the video whenever I can.)

Firstly, they have board games, including my favorite, Boggle!

This is me with Ivy Bakery owner Daniellan Louie

I bought this cupcake assortment to go, will have to taste them later after I've walked around a bit.

As for their special movie cupcakes, The Princess Bride this week, Ivy Bakery has a full Flickr set with details, so here are a few key cupcakes, captions by Daniellan Louie:

Scene: Inspired by the many crowns worn in the movie. This one is made of chocolate. Yum!

Cupcake: Red velvet with vanilla buttercream. Chocolate crown with gold dragees.

*These are jumbo sized cupcakes 3 times the size of my standard cupcakes* Will serve 3-4 (this goes for all the movie cupcakes below)

Scene: Westley has defeated Fezzik and Inigo, now he's battling Vizzini on smarts. Westley puts Iocane powder in the wine, which he is immune too but lethal to Vizzini.

Cupcake: Vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Scene: ROU's - Rodents of Unusual Size found in the Fire Swamp.

Cupcake: Chocolate with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles for the woods. The ROU is made out of Irish Potato Candy, Chocolate Morsels and Red Sprinkles for the eyes.

What is Irish Potato Candy, you ask? Well, I say, it's incredibly delicious!

The official description: "Cream cheese and coconut confections rolled in ground cinnamon. *Does not contain potatoes*"

And while this does not involve cupcakes, I have to give a special shoutout to Daniellan, whose bakery I've invaded today. I was a bit stressed about running late all day and missing the meetup and YouTube not uploading, and look what she just handed me:

Yay! S'mores = cure for stress.