OMG Cupcakes in NYC and New Jersey

Via their Twitter account, I found a new custom cupcake company, OMG Cupcakes.

Here's what they offer:

Traditional Cupcake Flavors $3.00 by the dozen $36.00
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Lime
Orange Blossom
Vanilla Bean.
Vegan & Gluten Free Flavors $3.50 each/ by the dozen $42.00
Golden Or Chocolate with Chocolate "Butter"Cream
Golden or Chocolate with Vanilla "Butter"cream
Caliente Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse or Vanilla "Butter"Cream
Carrot Cake with "Cream"Cheese Icing
Hazelnut Filled with Mocha Mousse and Chocolate Ganche Icing.(Contains Hazelnuts)

BabySnack Cakes $2
Reverse Red velvet

All Vegan and Gluten Free baked goods are sweetened with either, Maple syrup, Agave, Sucanat or Turbinado and Organic (Vegan) Confectioners sugar.

You can place an order by emailing Omgcupcakesnyc at

Hopefully we'll get to try them soon (maybe at our August 9th Prospect Park cupcake picnic...?) and can report more.


I have tried the MINT CHOCOLATE cupcakes and they are so good I would steal them from my own mother to get one!
I've tried the chocolate mint and the orange blossom. Amazing! The best thing about them is that the cake is flavored too -- not just plain vanilla or chocolate cake. I can't wait to try the others...