Peanut free bakery Green Goodies by Tiffany opens Saturday in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

photos courtesy of Tiffany Magness

A new cupcake bakery opens this Saturday, and specializes in cupcakes for those who suffer from food allergies.

Here's how Green Goodies by Tiffany describes itself on their website:

Green Goodies by Tiffany delivers specialty cupcakes in the Oklahoma City & Edmond area, by special order. We specialize in organic cupcakes made from scratch and baked in small batches to order. We also offer delicious cupcakes to those with special dietary concerns (gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, vegan, etc)

Delivered fresh to your door, our cupcakes offer you a unique way to celebrate and share all life's occasions. We deliver to homes, special event locations, offices, birthday parties, corporate meetings, or anywhere you want cupcakes.

And according to a recent press release:

The cupcakery will carry 3 lines of organic cupcakes: organic only, allergy friendly/vegan (dairy & egg free), and gluten free.

Plus two days a week will be gluten-free days.

Their grand opening (though, frustratingly, the address is not on the website as far as I can see, which kindof negates the point of posting about it on a website, but I digress...) is this Saturday, July 11, from 12-6, at 7606 N. Western Ave. in Nichols Hills, OK and profits go to Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.

Here's some more info from an article about the bakery:

About a year ago Magness, a stay-at-home mom, began trying out cupcake recipes that used no peanuts, wheat, and in some cases no dairy or eggs. As she told friends and family about her cupcake experiments, Magness found that several people she knew, or their children, had food allergies and were interested in the product.

Many children had been denied treats such as birthday cake for years because of allergies. Magness started making cupcakes for friends and family members and decided to explore the possibility of a retail store.

Magness found that many people with peanut allergies often avoid desserts even if they are supposedly peanut-free because even a trace amount can cause an allergic reaction.

She also wanted to jump on the current trend of cupcake shops popping up to fill a niche and hoped there were enough people out there with food allergies who would like to safely eat a cupcake.

Green Goodies by Tiffany
7606 N. Western Ave.
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
greengoodies at


Beautiful website. Excellent, BOOMING concept!

Christy said…
having to eat gluten free for life, I LOVE that there is a new bakery that specializes in "dietary needs" baking! Only wish it were in Dallas instead of OK. :) still, really hope they do well!!!