Restoration Cake cupcakes in the UK

These cupcakes are all by Restoration Cake (tagline: "Cake fit for a king") in the UK, which I heard about on Twitter. The descriptions are theirs. Aren't they lovely?

Restoration Cake cupcakes
Rich and moist as a brownie, the only appropriate way to finish this one off was with a generous topping of rich chocolate buttercream

Restoration Cake cupcakes
Banana Villiers
A fluffy banana cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream. A cheeky homage to a formidable woman!

Restoration Cake cupcakes
Pretty Pleas
A stunning Red Velvet cupcake that tastes as sweet as it looks, piled high with vanilla buttercream and a cherry on the top. This is not for the faint-hearted but everyone’s favourite

Restoration Cake cupcakes
Cinnamon Swirl
A light vanilla cupcake with a marbled core of cinnamon sugar running through it, topped with a delicately spiced vanilla buttercream. As spicy and sweet as a BBC bodice-ripper!

Here's some of what they say about themselves on their site:

At Restoration Cake, we hold dear the values of beauty and pleasure. We believe that every cake, be it little or large, should be spectacular and delicious.

We also believe in toleration; all of our cakes are 100% suitable for Vegetarians and everything on the menu can be made Dairy Free and/or Wheat Free. Be you a Vegan or a Celiac, you are guaranteed a real treat from Restoration Cake. There need be no sacrifice in the appearance of your cakes - all cupcakes photographed with Maya Von Doll are 100% Dairy Free and your friends will not notice any difference unless you tell them. Why should ethics and intolerances force a compromise? Your Birthday cakes can be stunning and your Wedding cake can be everything that you dreamed it would be.

Flavors from Facebook:

CUPCAKES - £18 for a dozen
Flavours include...
Vanilla (with vanilla buttercream)
Chocolate (with chocolate buttercream)
Cinnamon Swirl (with spiced vanilla buttercream)
Pretty Pleas (Red Velvet with vanilla buttercream)
Banana Villiers (with vanilla buttercream)
Nell (Chocolate with choc-orange buttercream)

Restoration Cake
Charlotte Gamble
07794 469689
restorationcake at


chocolate cakes said…
They look amazing, especially the cinnamon swirls. You can't beat US and European bakeries!