Save The Dates: Upcoming Cupcakes Take The Cake Events

I am working on some groovy events here in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Atlanta. Rachel will post all cupcake events for August soon, but these are the ones that we are either hosting or participating in the next six weeks.

August 9: Cupcake Picnic and Delicious Sandwich Social at Prospect Park. RSVP on our Meetup page.

August 12: URDB's World Appreciation Society Live. Rachel, Nora Vetter (the OG of Cupcake Kebabs) and me will be competing. Cheer us on as we attempt to make the world's longest cupcake kebab.

August 14: Cupcake Sweetup in Atlanta at Sweet Pockets. I will down there visiting family. Tell your friends in Atlanta to come.

September 19: Bake Sale at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene for CancerCares' Cupcakes For A Cause.


Tamera said…
Yaaay! So glad that you are coming right to my neighborhood in Atlanta, can't wait to be there.