Spotlight on Crumbles Cupcakery

Today's Flickr spotlight is on Crumbles Cupcakery of Grand, Rapids, Michigan, via their Flickr account. They are also on Twitter. I didn't see a formal menu but their Flickr account and site offer some idea of what they sell and you can email them at crumblescupcakery at

German Chocolate Cake
Toasted Coconut and Pecan Caramelized Filling
Chocolate Ganache

simply swirled
carrot cake cupcake mini
cream cheese frosting

The Sexy
Chocolate cake with toffee bits
Swirled caramel center
Whipped cream

Vanilla cake
Creamy custard filling
Chocolate ganache glaze with a cherry-on-top

Coco-Lime Cupcakes
Homemade graham cracker crust
Toasted coconut & lime cake
Coquito* cream cheese icing

Lemon-Vanilla cake with raspberry filling, lemon cream cheese icing
Lemon-Vanilla cake with raspberry cream cheese icing
Vanilla cake with cardamom & cinnamon icing

White chocolate cake
White chocolate icing


Park Sloper said…
I've sampled Crumbles Cupcakes, they are AMAZING! Highly recommended if you're visiting MI anytime soon...
sean said…
Amazing cupcakes! Crumbles Cupcakery is awesome